Our Gaming Solutions

to deliver AI enriched gaming experiences for your team!


Through play, we built experiences
– that improve team-bonding
– to onboard hybrid teams faster
– that have an impact on team interactions
– to re-think how teams and digital agents will collaborate

Through play we create a social setting where people feel at ease, away from a “work” mindset, allowing them to reconnect with a world of voluntary participation, where we can foster creativity and human bonding. Inside that comfort zone, overtness can be achieved and resistance overcome.

Think ‘homo ludens’, transposed into the 21st century.


While teams are working together to complete games, through achieving common goals, they are experiencing challenges, successes, and failures without feeling threatened.

Complementary observations and in-game play measurement, bring valuable incremental insights for teams to discover and absorb post-playing. We believe these lessons can be transposed into a work setting.

Each specific gameplay is designed to test and understand specific team dynamics elements such as a sense of unity, joint progress, mutual trust and achieving a common goal.


The new insights found while playing can now be transformed into new work practices and team organization.

We enable a proactive shift in attitude that will form the base of a lifelong learning model, stimulated within a group context. New insights will allow to purposefully create new strategies regarding team composition and working methods.

Let’s amplify your human capabilities!

Our game solutions allow your teams to experience collective intelligence in a digital measurable setting. We refrain from using complex videogames only accessible for seasoned gamers and focus on fun multiplayer phygital games that even non-digital natives can play without much introduction.

We invite teams to experience new ways of thinking, feeling and cooperating, using a playlearn – develop roadmap to success.

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Through gamification techniques we energize teams to deliver a top performance in a fun setting.

One of the first test cases at The Liquid House was the design and development of an immersive infotainment experience for the members of the European Parliament. The games created a conversation starter within the teams to adress the problems in health care industry.

Our Story

and what moves us!

A student at Howest University College solved a business case using IBM Watson. The Watson algorithm compared the case data with 74.345 other companies around the world, however the student had no idea why the provided answer was correct. He trusted Watson blindly and that had to be sufficient.

This started an online conversation between like-minded spirits on the limitations of “trusting AI” and on the future of relevant human skill sets. The debate moved from online to offline, and three generations with different attitudes towards AI bonded and discovered the need to provide others with answers to these challenging  questions. The central theme was the need to develop a more digitally oriented form of team collaboration, and the agreement that these insights could best be conveyed through an immersive experience.

Gaming is chosen as our primary tool to create this experience. It allows a high degree of flexibility in setting various AI-scenarios and provides deep learning opportunities in this new field of human / AI partnerships. Board games complemented with 3D sensitivity rooms were piloted with the EU.

The passion to realize this enormous potential has led to the start of The Liquid House,a company with a mission to move from AI debate to AI solutions.

Our Team

to guide and inspire you!

Arnoud Schoofs

As an architect and technologist, Arnoud strategically led brands like BNP Paribas Fortis, Thomas Cook, Telenet and Hello Bank to achieve fundamental change in their retail environments. By connecting the dots between interior design, product design and technology he establishes augmented physical environments with refreshing next generation ( customer ) experiences.


Holding a Master In Architecture from the Antwerp University College in Belgium, Arnoud followed his interest in technology and added a Msc of Science in Architectural Technology from the Delft University in the Netherlands.

Mark Van Achter

As a world leading expert in game theory, Mark left a footprint in the financial world where his academic input was pivotal to understand the interactions between human traders and algorithms competing on financial markets. Amongst others, he contributed to build the engagement rules for Artificial Intelligence in trading at major stock exchanges such as Euronext and Deutsche Boerse. These are set up in order to avoid future flash crashes, while still maintaining high levels of liquidity.

More recently, Mark reoriented his main focus to games. As an MVP for analyzing people interactions when playing games he established “The Playground”, a coffee house and creative hub centering around board games. Mark is now at the forefront of the development of game designs aiming to assess and improve people and team interactions. Academically his priority focus now lies on the analysis of MMORPG data (League of Legends, World of Warcraft, etc.) to reach a better understanding on the functioning of top teams and on the addition of computerized bots to assists in team performance.



Holding a PHD from Leuven University College, Belgium, Mark followed an international academic career with professorships at the universities of Brussels, Bonn, Mannheim and Rotterdam.



Koen Huyghe

As an architect and creative technologist, Koen successfully engineered wordclass unique features for brands like BNP Paribas Fortis, Thomas Cook, Telenet and Hello Bank. His awarded design skills and methodologies empower him to lead by example in his field.


Holding a Master In Architecture from the Antwerp University in Belgium, Koen pursued his interest in technology and added a Msc of Science in Architectural Technology from the Delft University in the Netherlands.

Natalie Van der Voort

Coaching people and teams

After scaling and globalizing customer experience projects, Natalie decided to take her career into a new direction: helping others to scale.

As an ICF recognized coach, she understands how to get the best out of people and teams.

“Top teams’ performance development, especially when a team is newly constituted or expanding, requires an understanding of interdependencies, potential synergies and suggestions for cooperation”.


Natalie pioneered her career at the strategic buying desk of a Yara subsidiary, SQM/NutriSi.

Turning the table from buying to business development, she had a fast track career within the business of IT Service Management software solutions, this before joining Trilations, a management consulting company.. She progressed into consultancy at “Your Next Step” with a focus on business modeling, people development and team performance. Her language skills and cultural sensitivity were formed during her economic studies a.o. in Paris, Melbourne, Saarbrücken and Barcelona.


Wim Van Steenkiste

Guiding gaming talent and growth companies

After a global and rewarding career with leading roles in top multinationals, Wim is now guiding young talent in the gaming industry, teaching Business and Entrepreneurship at the Digital Arts & Entertainment department of the Belgium Howest University College, rewarded as the best gaming school in the world. He is passionate in bridging gaming and business.

Wim is an inspiring leader with practical knowledge and experience in restructuring companies and stimulating growth. He coaches scale-ups to improve their business models and helps organizations to deal with growth challenges, innovation and internationalization.


Wim is a Certified Growth Coach by the Flanders Government, and holds a Vlerick MBA, a Master in Applied Economics and a Master in Financial Planning.



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